Sleep should begin around 11 pm to help the body recover best after a long day working hard. It seems everyone – especially our youth – not to appreciate the importance of the science of sleep; as evidenced by the “night owls” are still awake to thick dark or even until the rooster crows always!

Let ‘soaked paper “the terrible harm of staying up late and correct bad habits immediately before it is too late.

10 causing harm “shiver” from getting up late:

1. Memory loss.

2. Slacking, focusing attention on the job.

3. Ringing in the ears, dizziness, blurry eyes.

4. Hot temper, anger (though with attention to avoid angry, vain, anger seems to be unable to curb).

5. fatigue, Pain can sometimes be cramping. For those bodybuilders, stay up late will reduce the possibility of recovery and development of the muscles.

6. Central nervous slacking precinct then taste also stagnated, leading to eating no delicacies.

7. pale face skin, lack of gas, oil, sometimes grainy and pimples, dark circles under the eyes have looked like … “Panda eyes” is the story of the night awake indefinitely!

Up late affect your skin, especially the face. Typically range from 10-11 p.m. the skin in a State and recover. Often up late will do the normal circulatory system, disorders of the metabolism of the same nervous system, leading to dry skin, reduce effort, strongly stain human and smooth.

8. Dry eyes, eye strain, and if the eyes have to work late at night in conditions of lack of light then vulnerable to eyesight.

9. Stay up late or sleep less can lead to the risk of gaining weight as a negative dimension, can cause other effects are more at risk of diabetes, hypertension …

10. Besides up late in the long term lead to higher cancer risk than those who do not stay up late.

Up late, indeed, cause bad impact “extensively and comprehensively”, saying that many teens still scenic overlook these warnings. The same view of scientists understand the timetable of activities of the body when we sink deeper into sleep to realize the importance of getting to bed early!

From 21-23 h is extremely immune system toxins, you should keep quiet status or relaxing music.

From 9 h-16 h light is his time excrete toxins of liver, should proceed while asleep.

From 1 h-3 h morning is time excrete toxins of the suite, also need to sleep in.

From 3-5 pm is the time excrete toxins in the lungs. Thus, people who are infected cough cough usually uncontrolled intense at this time. However, it should not take the drug eliminated to avoid obstructing the substance the scum in person.

From 5-7 am is excreted at the colon of toxins. After a long sleep, the first thing to do is go to the toilet to “discharge” the toxins out of your body, you!

From 7-9 pm at the small intestine absorb nutrients most, so eating breakfast to provide enough energy for a long day. People who don’t eat breakfast doesn’t know is that I maintain a bad habit, need this page instantly! Experts advise that, whether to wait until the new eating still more then 1 h is totally packed.

From midnight until 4:00 a.m. as the time the spinal cord blood formation, need sleep, should not stay up late.

According to the body’s biological clock:

• A status sleep from 0-1 in the morning makes the body a break really refreshing, helps, “beauty” cheery when you wake up in the next day. Should sleep before games 1 or 2, to the aforementioned time period then has sunk into deep sleep.

• From 1-5 pm light is at the body secretes substances that regenerate and enhance the immune system. Up late will cause the body to shorten or even skip over this period, the castle was gradually collapsing.

• In deep sleep stages, the body secrete many hormones to balance and enhance the resistance. Up late will render her activities happens slowly and less, in the long term will reduce your disease resistance!

In summary, the harmful effects of getting up late, sleep late is much invisible since-that kind of long-term partnership, new kind, then the next day have probably noticed immediately as penetrating eye dark circles, fatigue, memory decline. Up late also affects the nervous system. Remember that night the sympathetic nervous system of the human will break, because the day it has very strong activity to help people working and living. But those who stay up late then the sympathetic nerve is still active, lead to “consequences” is the day they will feel slacking, mental exhaustion, the mind of stress, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, slow response, ideology or lost, dizzy, headaches … Long day will lead to a nervous breakdown.

That’s it, stay up late just negatively impact health, again just do the dung of our incredibly poor titles. Up late with no profit at all where the man, cause the four posterior surface. The same adjustments as soon her biological clock and remind your friends to quit soon sick “the night owls”! Keep “loving” and dealing well with the body to always young-Health-nice!

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